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123.hp.com/envy7644 – HP Envy 7644 Printer Driver Download

HP Envy 7644 Driver Download for the HP Printer

The installation CD that comes with the package can help you accomplish the 123.hp.com/envy7644 driver download:

123.hp.com/setup 7644 | Installing the hp envy 7644 driver from a CD / DVD Drive

  • Turn the computer and printer to start the HP printer driver.
  • Disconnect USB cable to avoid interruption during the driver installation. CD / DVD into the computer disc space
  • The installation wizard initiates involuntarily for the HP Printer drivers.
  • Follow the instructions on-screen to install hp.com/envy7644 to download the driver.
  • Connect the USB cable when the wizard prompts you to do so. After downloading the printer driver, the USB cable should be connected between the printer and the computer.
  • Visit hp.com/envy7644 to download the most current software to download.
  • By downloading, you agree to the underlying terms and conditions of the HP Software License Agreement

For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, just follow the installation procedure. Make sure that it is disconnected from the device and PC. Now, start the HP printer drivers download

Once you click the Download button, the file will be moved to your computer, based on the speed of your connection for the HP printer driver download

123 HP Envy 7644 for Windows XP:

Internet Explorer for 123.hp.com/envy 7644

When the pop-up window appears for HP Printer Driver, click on Run

 Firefox for 123.hp.com/envy 7644

A pop-up window is launched to Save File – click the button for the HP Printer Drivers. The second pop-up button asks “if you wish to Open Executable File”. Click on Ok

123 HP Envy 7644 for Windows Vista, 7 and 8

 Internet Explorer for HP Envy 7644

A window pop-up asks for the User Account Control. You either click on Yes or Continue

 Firefox for HP Envy 7644

Click the Save file button when it appears. A Pop-up window appears to ask to Open Executable File or User Account Control. Click on Ok and Continue or Yes, respectively, for both prompts
To effectively accomplish and install the HP printer driver, the HP Envy 7644 software install and the HP scanner drivers from then on, follow on-screen instructions

HP Envy 7644 User manual

The installation and primary setup of HP envy 7644 is given below. Follow the steps for trouble-free installation. The stuffs in the printer package may differ by country/region. Verify and evaluate the products that are listed in the parcel.

HP Envy 7644 Unpacking the Printer

Remove the printer from the box and unboxed all the packing materials from the printer. The packing materials are also there inside the box. Remove the materials after opening the scanner lid. The removed materials should be sent for recycling. Be cautious before turning on the printer because using the printer devoid of unpacking properly may direct to severe printer damage.

HP Envy 7644 Power Cord Connections

Toggle on the power button to turn on the printer after making the power cord connections. The power cord connections should be made by placing it in between the rear of the printer and an electrical outlet. Set your preferences like language, region, time and date in the control panel. Click Continue after touching your language on the control panel. Click Continue Setup after clicking country/region. Click Continue after setting the month, day, and year. Click continue again to set the time and date.

HP Envy 7644 Loading Paper into the tray

Push the photo tray and pull the input tray to open it. Slide out the paper width guides and insert the stack of paper in the tray until the paper stops. The paper width should rest in the edges of the paper. Push the input tray to lock it into place otherwise paper jam might occur. You can change the tray, paper size, and paper type settings if different from the paper you previously loaded, When the Have You Changed the Paper? Screen displays or to keep the previous settings touch OK

HP 7644 Ink cartridge installation

Install the ink cartridges into the printer. Click Change Ink to view the demonstration of cartridge installation when you are prompted. Open the cartridge access door. You will notice the Door Open screen on the control panel with an alert of the open door. Close the door to continue the setup. Remove one of the cartridges from the package and touch only the black plastic on the cartridge.

Get rid of the orange tape. Slither the new cartridge within the printer in a way that the tri-color cartridge is placed in the left slot and black cartridge in the right slot. Repeat the similar steps for installing further cartridges. Close the cartridge access door and carry on to further steps.

For alignment settings, tap the printer maintenance and Align Printer after clicking the Setup on the control panel. Follow the on screen directives for finishing the alignment setup

HP 7644 Printer Software Installation

The printer software can be installed via the installation CD which has the software that is shipped along with your printer. Otherwise you can download the software from the authorized website where you will have the most efficient software for download.


HP Envyphoto Photo 7641 Printer Support

HP Envyphoto Photo 7641 printer is an advanced walk in HP’s Envyphoto printer series at an affordable price ($199). The HP Envyphoto Photo 7641 printer has an extensive variety of connectivity characteristics for a photo-centric printer. This printer is more superior to the HP envyphoto 7641 printer in both speed and photo quality.

The HP Envyphoto 7641 printers are a better choice for users who want to hoard money on photo printing at home and are enthusiastic to subscribe for the Instant Ink program provided by HP. Get all the necessary software at 123.hp.com/envyphoto7641.

123 HP Envyphoto 7641 Printer Specifications

A good-looking printer in lusterless black color with sleek – black show ups. The height, width and depth of the HP envyphoto 7641 printers are 76 x 17.9 x 19.8 inches. A colorful 3.5 inch touch screen is available in the inclined upwards front panel.

You can add 125 sheets of paper including a 15 sheet photo tray. The tray capacity comprises as said above. The HP envyphoto 7641 printer also has an automatic document feeder (ADF) with 35-sheet capacity which allows you to scan, copy, or fax multipage documents in to legal size. Many all-in-one photo centric printers that are available in the market don’t have an Automatic document feeder.

Use a USB thumb drive or SD memory card to print from or a scan to the devices. The HP Envyphoto 7641 printer supports HP ePrint to send documents to print as an email attachment to the printer’s individual address which is allocated by HP. HP Envyphoto printers print all the email attachments received even if you are far away from the printer.


123 HP Envyphoto 7641 Printer Unpacking

Initially before starting to use the printer, you have to safely remove the printer from the box and check whether all the necessary items are available in the packing box. Once you check that, you can send the packing materials to recycling.

Make the power cord connections. One end of the power cord to the rear of the printer and the other end to a direct electrical outlet in order to get efficient power.  

Install the ink cartridges after removing the ink cartridges from the packaging. Remember that there are two slots for inserting ink cartridges. One slot is for the black ink cartridge and other is for color ink cartridge.

After installing the ink cartridge, insert a paper stack to start using the printer. The printer will give onscreen prompt to load paper after inserting the ink cartridges. Check whether the paper width guides are adjusted correctly.

Install the printer software from 123.hp.com/envyphoto7641. The software should be installed to utilize all the special features embedded in the printer.

123 HP Envyphoto 7641 Connectivity Methods

Some of the connectivity options available are USB, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, and Ethernet and the printer can also make a straight peer-to-peer connection with a compatible mobile device by either HP Wireless Direct or via Bluetooth. This implies that a Bluetooth connection can be made using the HP Smart app installed on your iOS or Android mobile devices.

The 7641 is the highest-end model of three introduced HP inkjet all-in-ones such as the HP Envyphoto Photo 7641 and the HP Envyphoto Photo 7641 all-in-one printer. The HP envyphoto 7641 printer is the only one of the three to have a port for a USB thumb drive, Ethernet connectivity, an ADF, the ability to fax, and to support printing on legal-size paper.

123 hp envyphoto 7641 setting up wireless in Mac and Windows OS
  1. Prepare for the installation by gathering the network name, network password, a computer connected to wireless network and an internet access( broadband internet connection recommended)
  2. Swipe down the printer control panel. Click SetupàNetwork SetupàWireless Settingsà Wireless Setupà Ok. If you do not see your network name, type Enter new network name and follow the onscreen instructions to type your network name. If you are prompted to enter a WEP or WPA key password, type and touch Done. Go back to home screen.
  3. Download the driver from hp.com/envyphoto7641 printer. You can also use the HP Easy Start to download automatically if you have any issues in downloading the software directly.
Mac Os

Follow the instructions onscreen to connect the printer. Select HP Easy scan on the software list in the Install screen. Click Continue after completing the software installation. Click Add DeviceàPrint Test Page or Scan Test Page to confirm whether printer setup is successful.


After downloading the printer software, double-click or open the .exe file that will be available on the downloads folder. Follow the instructions on screen and select the connection method as wireless. The successful setup will print a test page without any flaws.

123 HP Envyphoto 7641 Mobile Printing Solutions
1. HP smart app
  • HP smart app is available for both Android and Apple devices. Using the HP smart app, connect to the printer on a wireless network to perform basic functionalities like print, scan and troubleshoot from your smart devices.
  • Go to Appstore to download HP Smartapp for Apple smart devices and Google Playstore will provide this app for Android users.
  • Install the app and open it to choose the document or photo to print from your smart devices and access easily.
2. HP ePrint app
  • If you want to print, but you are miles away from the printer, you can use the HP ePrint app with an active internet connection.
  • Install the HP ePrint app on your smart devices from downloading it on the Play store and print to your printer even if you are away from your printer.
3. Apple AirPrint
  • Apple AirPrint will allow you to print from iPad, iPhone and other Apple devices with the help of a wireless network.
  • You need an iOS 4.2 or later versions on your Apple device to start using Apple AirPrint.
  • Get a connection to a wireless network or Wi-Fi direct and print from your Apple network and it is pretty simple.
4. HP Print service Plug-in for Android

You can connect your printer on a Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi direct using your Android device with the help of the HP Print service plugin.

Install the HP Print Service plugin from Google Play store. Turn on the HP Print service Plugin if you are using the Android version before 7.0(Nougat).

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