HP Officejet Pro Printer Setup & Support

HP OfficeJet printers prints faster and works smarter. The print quality of HP OfficeJet Pro printers leaves a lasting impression at a very lower cost. Comparing to the color laser, HP Officers printers use only less energy. HP page wide technology is used by the HP OfficeJet printers.

The average speed is up to 70 pages per minute with a great print quality.  HP OfficeJet Pro printers performs two-sided color printing at fast for a lesser cost.  The print speed of two-sided printing is 20 pages per minute.  The HP OfficeJet Pro printers saves time, money and it is suitable for the environment.

HP OfficeJet printers are designed in a way that it saves space and it is compact. You can easily  print from your smartphone or smart device by connecting it to the HP OfficeJet printers using mobile printing. This feature will save a lots of time while maintaining the security policies and easily manage your printer access.


Some of the features of HP OfficeJet printers are color touch screen, Single pass ADF and fast duplex mode. Manage your printer jobs directly at printer by swiping the color touch screen. The Automatic document feeder can scan up to 50 pages with one pass, two sided scanning. The OfficeJet printer is certified by ENERGYSTAR and saves resource without compromising on the performance.

The HP Officejet Pro does extremely well in both fast and printing quality. This expert mini printer brags speed up to 16ppm when printing in color, which crafts it by far the fastest color compact printer we could discover. Many printers may excel in speed, but the print quality will not be up to the mark. But in HP OfficeJet Pro printers the print quality is remarkably good as the printing speed.

HP OfficeJet Pro Printers

Designed for slightly larger offices, the HP OfficeJet Pro printers have large duty cycles and very good printing speeds.  They also cost relatively lesser than Laserjet printers.  You can download the software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup.

Learn how to install your printer, connect it to your Wi-Fi and troubleshoot your HP OfficeJet Pro from this website.

In case you’ve trouble installing the drivers, call us on the Toll Free number.

HP OfficeJet Pro Unboxing

  • First, open the cardboard box that has your HP OfficeJet Pro printer.
  • Next, carefully cut away the tape on the box.
  • Open the flaps and keep them towards the side.
  • Then, remove the documents, power, and fax cords and the ink cartridges.
  • Next, take out the packaging material on top and tilt the printer box.
  • Gently drag the printer out of the box and remove the caps on either sides of the printer.
  • Next, remove the printer from the transparent covering and start peeling off the transparent films and blue tapes.
  • Then, open the scanner glass area to check for packaging materials and remove them.
  • Close the scanner glass lid if you don’t find any packaging materials.
  • Next, open the ink cartridge access area and remove packaging materials if any.
  • Close the ink cartridge access area and open the Paper Input Tray.
  • Peel away the tapes if any and remove the packaging materials. Slide away the paper width guides away from each other and close the Paper Input Tray.

This completes the unboxing of HP OfficeJet Pro printer.

HP OfficeJet Pro- Printer Initialization

  • First, take the power cord that comes with your printer and insert one end into the port on the rear.
  • Next, plug in the other end into the wall outlet.
  • Then, switch on your printer and wait for it to fall silent.
  • Now, select the language of your choice and tap Confirm.
  • Similarly, select the region in which your printer is located and press Confirm to continue.
  • Lastly, set the date and time on your printer and tap Continue Setup to continue with the process.

The HP OfficeJet Pro will now ask you to insert the ink cartridges into the slot.

HP OfficeJet Pro- Installing Ink Cartridges

  • First, remove the packaging from the group of cartridges.
  • Then, take the black cartridge and twist away the cap on the electrical contacts.
  • Now, insert the cartridge into the slot and click it into place.
  • Next, insert the other cartridges into the slot in the same way.
  • This completes the installation of ink cartridges into the HP OfficeJet Pro printer. Once the printer has detected the freshly installed cartridges, it’ll ask you to insert plain papers.

HP OfficeJet Pro Loading Plain Papers

  • Slide out the Paper Input Tray and lower the Paper Output Tray.
  • Then, slide the paper width guides away from each other and
  • Next, insert the stacks of papers into the tray, adjust the paper width guides and close the Paper Input Tray.
  • Touch OK when you’ve inserted the stack of papers and close the Paper Input Tray.
  • Next, touch Done and press OK to start aligning the printer.
  • The printer prints out an alignment sheet. You should now scan it.
  • Lift the scanner glass lid and place the alignment sheet print-side down on the scanner glass.
  • Next, close the scanner glass lid and touch Scan to scan the alignment page.
  • Once the scanning is complete, the alignment process will also be complete.

Next, you’ll have to connect your printer to the internet Wirelessly. Then, you’ll download and install the software from 123.hp.com/setup

HP OfficeJet Pro Wireless Setup Wizard

  • Once you’ve scanned the aligned the printer, you can setup your printer wirelessly.
  • Tap the More info button on the control panel and select Manual Setup.
  • The printer will take you to the home menu. Then, tap the Wireless button on your panel and select Network option.
  • Next, select Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • The printer will display a list of wireless networks on the screen.
  • Then, enter the wireless network password and press OK to confirm the settings.
  • Next, press OK to print a wireless report. You can also skip the process.

HP OfficeJet Pro Software Driver Installation

Switch on your system and connect it to the same wireless network as your printer.

  • Go to hp.com/setup and press the download button.
  • Wait for the system to finish the download.
  • Open the HP Easy Start Utility and follow the instructions on the screen to install the software.
  • Agree to HP’s terms and conditions whenever required.
  • If you’re asked to choose between full-feature and basic software drivers, select the full-feature software drivers.
  • Don’t connect the USB cable to the rear of the printer until the printer asks you to.

HP OfficeJet Pro Double-sided Printing

  • First, make sure that you’ve downloaded the full-featured software drivers from hp.com/setup.
  • Then, check if the Paper Input Tray has enough paper loaded into the tray.
  • Next, open the document that you want to print on your computer.
  • Then, click File and then select Print.
  • Now, select your printer and click Printer Properties and then Preferences.
  • Choose the print on Both Sides or Duplex printing option from the Printing Shortcuts Tab.
  • In case the Shortcuts tab is not available, you can select the Layouts or Finishing Tab and then select the Duplex option.
  • Then, select flip on long edge or short edge and then click OK to start the printing process.
  • Once the printer has printed the first batch of sheets, follow the instructions to print the other sides as well.

HP OfficeJet Pro Printer- How to Scan

  • First, make sure that you’ve installed the HP Scan software.
  • Next, launch HP Scan Software from the Start menu.
  • Then, place your document print-side down on the scanner glass and close the scanner glass lid.
  • Now, choose Print, Scan and Fax and choose Scan.
  • Next, click Save or Done.
  • Then, select a scanning shortcut and choose Scan.

If you select a scanning shortcut, you can scan your documents to your e-mail or computer.

Note that you’ll have to download the full-featured software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup

HP OfficeJet Pro Printer- Printer Offline Issue

  • First, download and install the HP Scan Doctor.
  • Next, click the Fix Printing or scanning issue.
  • Then wait for the software to detect and solve all the issues.
  • In case the printer offline problem still persists, search Windows for Devices and Printers and right-click your printer icon to see what’s printing. If you see that the status is set to Offline or Pause Printing, set the status to Default Printer to start printing documents again.
  • Next, reset the printer. While your OfficeJet Pro printer is on, simply plug out the power cord from the rear of the printer. Plug the power cord back into the rear of the printer after about a minute and wait for the printer to switch on. Once the printer has turned on, try printing the same document.
  • If the issues still persist, re-install the software drivers from hp.com/setup.

Give us a call if you see that the issues are continuing.

HP OfficeJet Pro Printers- Colours Not Printing

Follow the steps below to fix the printing issues with your HP OfficeJet Pro Printer.

  • First, re-install the printer driver from hp.com/setup
  • Then, clean the printhead on your HP OfficeJet Pro Printer. Open the Settings menu on your printer and then select the Printer Maintenance menu. Next, open the tools menu and tap the Clean Printhead option. The printer prints out a test page.
  • Check if you’re using genuine HP Ink cartridges.
  • Next, check if your previous printouts have smears on them. If you find any smears on the printouts, tap the Clean Smears option in the Printer Maintenance menu.
  • Then, check if you’ve inserted the right papers and authentic HP ink cartridges.
  • Try aligning the printer again.

If none of the above steps work, you must get your printer serviced.


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