123 HP AMP 104 Printer

123 HP AMP 104 Printer

The HP AMP 104 printer is a sole capture on the thought of making the most out of your room. With skill and modernization in mind, a person looking for grand Bluetooth speaker and printer will certainly get to use it in two different ways with this one. Download the printers from the link 123.hp.com/AMP104 printers.

HP AMP 104 Printer features

The HP AMP 104 has a range of characteristics that increases when you use smart app. With this app you are capable to access and print photos directly from your social media accounts such as Face book, twitter or the cloud or from your standard gallery.

Connect the speaker of the printer through Bluetooth and stream music from apps such as sound clouds. Hang on! There are more features to come along such as the Smart Amp technology to deliver see-through quality and outstanding bass. Another important aspect of the printer is the built in microphone that helps you to receive phone calls.

Not only the features, there are diverse ways in connecting the printer and mobile phones or other devices. You will never fall short in connecting as you can use either wireless or USB cable for a straight connection. No bias between Apple and Android phones, all the features in Android phones are replicated in Apple too. Download the printers from the link 123.hp.com/AMP104 printers.

One of the anxieties in recent times is running out of power on your mobile devices. To charge your mobile device, you can use the HP AMP 104 printer. This printer is suitable for everyone and specially suggested for student who desire to print with excellent quality.

Now moving on to the setup of HP AMP 104 printer, start with hardware and software setup to start working with your printer.

HP AMP 104 printer Hardware setup

  1. First, unbox the printer and get rid of all the packing materials. Download the printers from the link 123.hp.com/AMP104 printers.
  2. Then, make sure to send all the unnecessary packing materials to recycling.
  3. Next, hook up one end of the power cord to the HP AMP 104 printer and other end to the power outlet.
  4. Then, load stack of paper literally A4 sheets and rest the paper width guides against them.
  5. Lastly, insert the cartridges in the cartridge access door and be vigilant while popping in the cartridges.

HP AMP 104 printer software setup – 123.hp.com/AMP104

  1. After making the hardware setup, switch on your HP AMP 104 printer. Then, make sure to connect your printer and computer using the USB cable or wireless network.
  2. Next, connect both the devices on the same wireless network, when using internet connection to download the printer software. You can also download the printer software  from the link 123.hp.com/AMP104 printers.
  3. You can install the HP AMP 104 printer software using the software installation CD shipped along with the printer. The disadvantage of software installation using CD is that they will not have the most current version of the printer software
  4. You can either visit https://support.hp.com to get your printer software downloaded securely.
  5. After the software download, run the setup file on your computer to install the printer software.
  6. Lastly, follow the instructions onscreen and complete the installation productively.

HP AMP 104 printer Trace and correct fault

All the machinery has errors and issues that have to be dealt with, including printers. If there is a problem, there is a solution obviously and below given are some of the solutions for common printing problems that arise while functioning. Check out the easy troubleshooting information to make an error free printing.

  1. Confirm whether the connections that are prepared in your computer and printer are safe and sound. Protected connections are necessary to print.
  2. Check whether the printer is turned on. If not turn it on to carry on your printing. The ON button will be lit white if your printer is switched on.
  3. Confirm your printer is connected to a network and don’t fall short to consider the status of the wireless light.
  4. If your printer is hooked up in a wireless connection then a solid blue light will be lit and you can print.
  5. If you notice an unhurried blinking light on the wireless status light, then it points out that printer is not connected to the network even if the wireless is switched on. Make sure the printer is within the range of the router.
  6. If you spot the light flashing at a quicker tempo than it indicates the wireless inaccuracy. You can pass on to the message on the printer show to verify the error.
  7. Turn on the wireless if the wireless light is off. Try to print again.
  8. You can download the HP diagnostic tools from the website hp.com/go/tools for free. The diagnostic tools will automatically detect the issue and tries to trouble shoot the issue.