Advantages of 123 HP Officejet 5746 Printer

HP officejet 5746 printer Provides all the office related features

  • It makes high quality Printing at affordable cost.
  • Assists Mobile Printing and saves larger percentage of the HP original Inks.
  • Rapid good quality Printing on photo sheet.
  • Automatic duplexer and automatic document feeder helps in automatic duplex Printing.
  • Most of the Officejet Printer conserves energy and qualifies ENERGY STAR.
  • HP Instant Ink Service provides cartridge renewal for the users.
    Also helps in Air-Print service .

Apple device Air-Print in 123 HP Officejet 5746 Printer

  • First enable the Wi-Fi on your Apple device . Else if you connect your apple device  to different network , then  tap that network’s  name for connection.
  • Next follow the below steps
  1. For touch screen model HP Printer : First touch the Wireless icon or Network Settings menu to check the network connection status.
  2. For button model HP Printers : First either hit the Wireless and Information buttons simultaneously. Else hit Wireless and Start Copy Black buttons simultaneously.
  3. Then your HP Printer Wireless Test Report with network status report.
  • If the HP Printer still does not connects to the network, then follow the below steps
  1. In touch screen HP Printer : Touch and open Settings, setup or wireless menu and then choose Wireless Setup Wizard. Next proceed with the On-screen instructions to connect your Printer to the network.
  2. In button model HP Printer: Simultaneously press and hold the Wireless and cancel buttons till the power light flashes. Then wait till the wireless light flashes.
  • Now check that you switch ON your HP Printer, install  the  cartridges  and  load the unused papers  .
  • Next click open the documents or photos you need to print, then click share
  • Now click Print icon to open Printer options. Then click select Printer to choose your HP Printer.
  • Next change the Print settings such like paper, number of copies and paper range as you wish.
  • Then you can make the HP Printing.

Ways to locate 123 HP Officejet 5746 Printer

Different features are used to connect your HP Officejet5746  Printer to different devices.


  • First download he HP ePrint app from the Amazon . Open the app and select the content you want to print.
  • Next add or select your  HP ePrint enabled Printer.  Then approve  the HP Printer and Printer settings.
  • Then start Printing.


  • First use the HP ePrint to print virtually.
  • Next download the app from Google Play to start the process.
  • Then follow the same steps above to start printing.


  • The Apple uses HP ePrint app to enable Printing.
  • Next download the ePrint app from the App store .
  • Then click open the app and collect the photo and content you need to print.
  • Now select the needed HP ePrint enabled printer and then  approve  the settings
  • Then make Printing process.

Google Chrome

  • You can Print to an HP ePrint enabled Printer using Google Cloud Print, Chrome OS browser or any Chromebook. Check that your HP ePrint printer is connected to the web. Also the Printer needs to be synchronized to your Google Account.
  • Select your content: Press <Ctrl> -P from any of your Google Cloud Print compatible app to open the Print dialog. Choose  change to change the Printer. Now select your cloud Printer. Check that all your Print settings are correct.  Now you can

Mobile Printing in Officejet 5746 Bluetooth Printer

  • First open the document or web page you need to print.
  • In that touch the Share icon and select the Bluetooth option.
  • Next from the available list of Printers select your HP Bluetooth Printer.
  • Now your HP Printer appears on the HP Printer., then approve that to make Printing from your phone.

123 HP Printer Bluetooth Connection

  • First switch ON the Printer.
  • Next click Bluetooth button to choose Bluetooth settings.
  • Now on your computer, check that the Bluetooth settings  is enabled.


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