HP Connected Account

HP connected support web-connected printing services. Some of the supported services are HP ePrint cloud printing, HP instant ink delivery services and HP Printer Apps. Check whether your country/region supports HP connected account, visit the www.hpconnected.com and click the country/region and language. You can find your country/region and language in the drop-down menu.

This document will help you add your printer or any other printer in HP connected. Follow the instructions to complete the setup. You can register to HP connect, when setup your printer for the first time and your printer will be already registered to the website. Otherwise visit the www.hpconnected.com to sign and click My Printers tab. Continue by following the below steps.

1. HP Connected setup requirements

Initially check whether your printer supports web-connected printing services and the printer has an active internet connection. Ensure your printer has the following requirements, otherwise you will not be able to use the web-connected printing services.

  • Visit the hpconnected.com . Click on country/region and language and search for your country/region and language in the drop-down menu. If your country/region is not available, then your country/region does not support HP connected
  • Check whether your printer supports HP ePrint by looking for an HP ePrint logo, icon or button on your printer control panel. If there is no button, icon or logo of HP ePrint in your control panel, visit the hp.support.com and go to Mobile Printing Solutions Compatible with HP printers to check whether your printer supports HP ePrint.
  • Make sure that both your printer and computer are connected to either a wired network connection or wireless network connection with active internet connection.
  • Do not connect the USB cable between your computer and printer. If connected, web-connected services will not work
  • The green light in the Ethernet port should be solid and the orange activity light should blink when you the cable is connected.(Wired connection)
  • Check whether the wireless feature on your printer is switched on. Both your computer and printer should be connected on the same network. (Wireless connection)

2. Web Services settings

Switching on the web services is mandatory when you are about to use the services that are present online as the web services allows you to connect to the web-connected printing services over the internet.


Printer With Touch Screen

  • Search for the HP ePrint button or icon on your control panel. If it is not there, open the web services menu by clicking Web Services Setup,Network Setup, or Wireless Settings depending on your printer model.
  • Switch on the Web services by clicking Turn on, Enable, Setup (depending on your printer model), if you are prompted to do so. Then move on to the next step
  • Click OK if you are prompted to update the firmware. Web services are switched on already if a Web services summary screen or connected status displays. Click Print Info and obtain the information to move on to the next step

Printer Without Touch Screen

  • You need to use the Embedded Web Server if you do not have a printer with touch screen. Initially update your firmware visiting the support.hp.com and search for your printer model.
  • Obtain the IP address to view the EWS web page by printing a Network Configuration or self-test page
  • Enter the IP address of your printer in the internet browser and click Enter after finding the IP address in the network configuration or self-test page.
  • Click continue, if you see a website certificate in the internet browser. Click the Web Services tab in the EWS webpage.
  • Your printer does not support HP ePrint if a web services is not available otherwise a web service setup page displays, click Continue, Turn on (depending on your printer)

3. Printer claim code information

  • The printer will print the Make the Most of your Printer or Important Printer Setup Instructions page after clicking on the Web Services. If you did not see any page, switch of the web services and turn on to print the new information page.
  • The printer claim code will be in the information page which is valid for only 24 hours. Locate the code and move on to next step
  • If you see string of numbers and letters like cde122hnd3993, that is the claim code. If you see 122hnd3993@hpeprint.com, the characters before @hpeprint.com is the printer claim code.

4. Using claim code settings

  • To add your HP Connected account, visit the hpconnected.com and sign up your account.
  • Go to the My Printers tab, click Add a Printer and type the printer claim code and click Add and
  • You might be prompted to add a email address for your printer and click
  • Verify your HP connected account by confirming on the email that is sent to your email address after creating the account.

5. Web-connected printing services setup

After creating an HP connected account, you can setup HP ePrint, HP Instant Services and HP Printer Apps

  • HP ePrint : Send print jobs from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone over internet and an email ID.
  • Sign in to your email account and create a new email. Type the printer’s email address in the To: field and add a subject.
  • Attach the document that has to printed and send it to the printer’s email address.
  • Change the settings by allowing only limited email addresses which are confirmed by you. Use the Allow Senders Only to limit the email address and click
  • HP Printer Apps: You can use HP Printer Apps services with the web-connected printers. HP Quick Forms, HP Scan to Email and HP JetAdvantage Private Print.
  • HP Instant Ink : Only some countries/regions use HP instant ink on eligible printers as a low-cost ink cartridge replacement service. The ink level information is sent by the printer to the HP through internet and the HP will automatically replace ink cartridges once the printer runs on low ink