HP DeskJet 2655 AirPrint Setup

123 HP DeskJet 2655 AirPrint Setup

Use your Apple devices such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch over a wireless network to print to your HP printer. This is made possible by using the mobile printing solution called AirPrint. Setup AirPrint on your 123 HP DeskJet 2655 printer with the help of our instructions given below.


Requirement checking

Before connecting your printer to a wireless or Wi-Fi direct connection, you need to collect some essentials for the AirPrint setup.

Check whether the Apple iOS device you have is iOS version 4.2 or above. Make sure you connect the 123 HP DeskJet 2655 printer and your Apple iOS device on the same network. Cross check these requirements to avoid issues during the AirPrint setup.

Before you can print, both the Apple iOS device and printer must be connected, either through a wireless network or through Wi-Fi Direct/HP wireless direct. If your printer is connected to your computer using a, then you must use Wi-Fi Direct/HP wireless direct.

Wireless network connection

The USB cable or Ethernet cable should be disconnected. To connect the printer to the network, you need to select Setup, Network or Wireless menu and select . Follow the instructions that appear on screen to connect the printer to your network.
After making the connections, try to print a test page. If you are not connected, move on to the Wi-Fi Direct or Wireless direct connection.

Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct connection

Take a look at the control panel, check whether the solid blue light next to the Wi-Fi Direct/HP wireless direct button   or a Wi-Fi Direct/HP wireless direct   icon displays on the control panel is switched on.

Press the Wi-Fi Direct/HP wireless direct button or navigate the control panel menu settings to find and touch Wi-Fi Direct/HP wireless direct.

On your Apple iOS device, tap Settings, and then tap Wi-Fi. Under the Choose a network menu, select your printer. The printer name begins with DIRECT. If prompted, type a password. The default password is 12345678.

If you are using a Wi-Fi Direct/HP wireless direct connection, be sure to go back into Wi-Fi settings and connect your Apple iOS device to your network.

Print from your Apple iOS device

If you have any doubts on how to print your documents from Apple iOS device, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoCXWRzxppk&feature=youtu.be. The above video shows how to print from an Apple iPad with Apple AirPrint. Print from any app on your Apple iOS device that supports Apple AirPrint.

Check whether the printer is switched on and it is in a ready state. If the printer is in sleep mode (power light is dim), turn the printer on or press the power button to wake it. Choose the document that you want to print, and tap Action icon or display menu options.
Touch Print or the Print icon based on the file type that you wish you to print. On the Printer Options menu, tap Select Printer, and then select your printer from the list. Tap Options to change other settings if necessary. Some options, such as paper size, might not be adjustable and must be changed from the printer.

The Options menu might not display if your printer is black ink only. Select the number of copies you’d like to print, and then tap Print. If you are using a Wi-Fi Direct/HP wireless direct connection, be sure to go back into Wi-Fi settings and connect your Apple iOS device to your network.