HP DeskJet 4170 Troubleshooting

123 HP DeskJet 4170 Troubleshooting

HP DeskJet 4170 Troubleshooting Instructions for Windows

HP Deskjet 4170 Troubleshooting Instructions for Mac

When you are installing the HP DeskJet 4170 printer software, you may go through some of the issues. The solutions to troubleshoot those issues are given in the below information. First, check for the troubleshooting methods on your Windows computer.

To check whether the HP DeskJet 4170 printer is set as your default printing device, follow the instructions below.
On Windows 7 Operating system, click Start menu and click Devices and Printers.

On Windows Vista operating system, click Start menu on the windows Taskbar. Click Control panel and click Printer.
On Windows XP, click Start on the Windows taskbar, click Control panel and click Printers and Faxes.

If the problem still persists, take off the installation CD from the CD/DVD drive of your computer. Then, Disconnect the USB cable from the computer. Now restart your computer. Next, insert the HP DeskJet 4170 software installation CD in the computer’s CD/DVD drive. Now, follow the instructions on the screen to install the printer software. Then, wait until the printer prompts you to connect the USB cable.

Now, restart the computer again after you finish the printer software installation successfully.

To print a test page using your Mac computer on a HP DeskJet 4170 printer, follow the set of instructions given below which will help you to print test page without any issues.

First, check  the cable connections. Next, make sure that you’ve switched on the HP DeskJet 4170 printer. If the printer is not turned on, click the power button and make sure the power button is lit green.

Now, you have to reinstall the HP DeskJet 4170 printer software if the problem did not resolve.

Next, uninstall the software by disconnecting the HP DeskJet 4170 printer from your computer. Then, Open the Hewlett-Packard folder applications. Next, double-click HP Uninstaller. Then, follow the instructions on the screens.

After uninstalling the software, reinstall the HP DeskJet 4170 software. Connect the USB cable. Then, insert the HP software CD into your computer’s CD/DVD drive. Next, open the CD on the desktop and double-click HP Installer. Follow the instructions on the screen.