HP DeskJet 4178 Printer Connect to Laptop

123 HP DeskJet 4178 Printer Connect to Laptop

If you have issues in connecting your printer to the laptop, get free instructions to connect your HP DeskJet 4178 printer. Nearly all of the operating systems these days have integrated driver support for most of the hardware. You can find it in install new hardware, find drivers, it will mechanically identify necessary drivers or of not you need to pick from the specified list. This is of course after you connect your HP DeskJet 4178 printer to PC.

123 HP DeskJet 4178 Driver Installation with CD

Begin the HP DeskJet 4178 printer connection to laptop by downloading the printer software. You can    install the software on your laptop using three ways. If you have CD/DVD drive embedded on your laptop, you can insert the software installation CD. You can also connect the CD/DVD driver to your printer and install the CD.

If you find it difficult to install the HP DeskJet 4178 printer software, you can download the printer software from 123.hp.com or support.hp.com. Both the sites will provide the most up-to-date printer software according to your laptop model. The HP website will identify the operating system and provides the best software available for your laptop. Follow the below given steps to get your laptop connected to HP DeskJet 4178 printer.


123 HP DeskJet 4178 Driver Installation

You need an active network connection on your laptop to download the necessary software for your HP DeskJet 4178 printer. Enter 123.hp.com in your web browser and click Search or Enter key.

The browser will take you  to the HP website where you can see different types of HP DeskJet 4178 printers available for different types of printers.

You can pick either the full feature software or only the basic driver according to your wish. Choose the one software and click Download. The executable file will be available in the Download folder. Check for it. Right-click on it and click Open or double-click on the file that is downloaded. After that, the HP Installation wizard will be initialized slowly. You need to fill down the necessary details and finish the installation wizard successfully to start using the HP DeskJet 4178 printer.

Then, you have to click the Software and drivers tab, click Go. You have to select the software you want for your printer. Click Download to initialize the installation. HP suggests you to download the full feature software to utilize the advanced features provided for your HP DeskJet 4178 printer.

After downloading the required HP DeskJet 4178 printer software, you can move to the connection settings. You have to connect the USB cable to link the HP DeskJet 4178 printers. Choose the network connection which you would like to use for future purposes.