HP DeskJet 5085 Printer USB Setup

123 HP DeskJet 5085 Printer USB Setup

Set up your HP printer for a USB cable connection   to a Windows computer. To get the most supported features from a USB connected printer, install the full feature HP driver.

Designed for home users calling for a low price all in one the HP DeskJet 5085 printer is one of the finest worth printer in this series. The HP DeskJet 5085 installs in minutes out of the box and is trouble-free to use. The HP DeskJet 5085 powers up in seconds so there is no waiting around and the HP DeskJet 5085 also shut down in an instant too.

If you’re planning to shuffle around your set-up at home to put up the family’s everyday work and spare time printing needs, you will, of course, need a tool that is space-efficient yet never fails to bring quality results, each time. That is where the HP DeskJet 5085 comes in, with its sincere and running price inexpensively and inventive nature.

With these characteristics, HP DeskJet 5085 printer can be used for everyday purpose. Setup your printer with your computer using the connectivity method. The connectivity method such as wireless, wired or USB connection are available in HP printers. The USB printer setup for HP DeskJet 5085 printers are given below. Make use of the below given information and, setup your printer in the USB Connection method.

  • Gather some of the important requirements. Initially turn on the printer and keep it in a ready state. Simultaneously turn on the computer to connect the printer. Get a USB cable of length less than 3 meters.
    Detach the USB cable and do not connect it until you are prompted by the user. You will be notified by the installer about the USB cable connection. The time when you should connect the USB Cable is during the installation of printer software
  • Download the printer software to continue the printer setup. The HP DeskJet 5085 printer software available in 123.hp.com and support.hp.com. Many other unofficial sites also provide the HP DeskJet 5085 software. You can also download it from there. For more appropriate download, visit the official site.
  • Enter your printer model number in the download site or support site. Download the important software for your printer. You can either download the full feature software solution or the basic driver only solution.
    After downloading, the installation wizard will begin. The installation wizard will help you to setup the connection automatically without any help.
    You can use the directives appear on the screen to finish the installation completely. If prompted, choose the connectivity method as USB to finish the printer settings.
  • After finishing the printer settings, go back to Home and finish the remaining setup to start your printer successfully.