HP Envy 4500 Printer Installation

123 HP Envy 4500 Printer Install Guide

Figure out how to setup your printer for the first time and install necessary software drivers for the first time in this HP Envy 4500 Printer Install guide. Open the box and fold back the flaps so that the items can be removed easily. All the accessories for your printer including the cartridges will be on the top.  These will be installed later. You have to remove the cartridges. A card will be attached to the first cartridge. This card will be useful when you want to buy ink cartridge but does not know which cartridge to buy. The card will have useful information about the cartridges.  Once you are done with this, take out the black cartridges.

In the end, the power cable will available. Remove the power cable also. Pull out the piece of cardboard and set it aside for recycling. Now you can remove the printer from the box.

The printer will be inside the transparent plastic bag that has two handles to help you to remove it from the box. Using the handles, gently pull the printer out of the box. Set the box aside for recycling once you have finishing sliding the printer out completely.

Remove the styrofoam from the sides. A couple of papers( Getting started, multi-language user guide and basic setup and troubleshooting information ) along with the printer software  installation CD will be available. If you want to check for updated drivers, visit 123.hp.com/support instead of using the installation CD. This HP Envy 4500 Printer Install guide tells you how to install the software downloaded from the HP Website.


Remove the plastic tapes, stickers and other packaging materials that are on or inside the printer. Some tapes will be underneath the printer. Be careful while you are removing the tapes. Lift the scanner lid up to pull the plastic. Close the lid after removing the plastic.

There will be a thin piece of film covering the printer control panel, peel off. Open the input tray and slide it out. Remove the piece of tape that’s on the tray. After removing the tap, push out the width adjustment. If you are not sure of doing above mentioned steps, view the images given below to get a clear view.

1. The image shows the appearance of the printer before and after sliding out input tray and removing the tape from the tray.


2. Push the width adjustment as shown below


Close the input tray until it clicks into its place. Remove the packing materials from inside the printer. Open the top cover and remove the piece of cardboard inside the printer.

Remove the orange piece of plastic along with the blue tap as shown below.

Once you have removed the orange piece of plastic and blue tap, you have finished unpacking your printer. Now, the HP Envy 4500 Printer Install Guide will tell you how to set up the hardware connections.

Plug in the power cord. Turn the printer and look out for the port to plug the power cord in the red encircled area. Get a clear view by viewing the below pictures.

To avoid power issues, the HP Envy 4500 Printer Install Guide suggests you connect your printer directly to a wall outlet instead of using a power strip. After connecting the power cord, turn on the printer by clicking on the power button available in the front of your printer. It is usual for the printer to make noise when initialising for the first use.

In the touchscreen menu, the language options will appear, choose your language by scrolling down and click OK. The printer will ask confirmation to select the language. Use the arrow button to choose Yes or No and click OK.

After the language, you have to set up the country/Region. Choose your country and click OK. Confirm the selection by pressing Ok again.

The printer will prompt you to insert the ink cartridges. Now, the HP Envy 4500 Printer Installation guide will tell you how to install the cartridges. Lift the top of the printer using the cutouts on the sides.  Once you open the top, the carriage will automatically move into the access area. Install the cartridges that came with your printer.

Remove the tape covering the electrical contacts and ink nozzles using the orange pull tab. Load the cartridges in a way that the locking lever color matches with the color in top of the cartridge.

Lift to open the purple colour lever to insert the cartridges. Install the cartridges and close the lever until it locks into its place as shown below to install the colour cartridges.

Use the same steps to install the black cartridges. The black lever next to the colour level is the place to insert the black cartridges. Follow the same steps mentioned above and close the lever. Close the top of printer cover. The printer will display a message about the cartridge insertion. Click continue to move further.

Pull out the input tray and add a stack of paper and adjust the width guides inward. The printer will print the alignment page. Scan the alignment page and click OK to continue. Finish the setup. Install the printer software from hp.support.com or 123.hp.com