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The HP Envy 7640 is an All-in-one inkjet printer that includes faxing, scanning and copying capabilities. Although the print quality is at its absolute best, the only disadvantage is that the printer makes a lot of noise. The scan resolution is better than what one would expect at 300 x 300 dpi. Since the HP Envy 7640 is an All-in-one printer, it has two input trays, just in case you want to use a different kind of media to print. The Primary Input Tray can hold up to 150 sheets and the Secondary Tray can hold up to 15 sheets.  The output Tray on the other hand can hold up to 25 sheets. For details on other features, visit HP’s official printer website. To download the software drivers for your printer go to 123.hp.com/setup 7640 .

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It disappoints just a little bit when it comes to print speed which ranges around 2.1 ppm. The print quality for both text and graphics are merely satisfactory .But the printer is not all that bad with its Duplex printing mode and option to print directly from USB or memory cards. The HP Envy 7640 is the perfect choice if you prefer stylish looks and a decent print speed. Download the software drivers from 123.hp.com/envy7640 or from 123.hp.com/setup 7640 so that you can enjoy full-functionality of your printer.

123 HP Envy 7640 Initial Setup

• Remove the printer from the box and remove all the tapes and the packaging materials in it.
• Keep aside the Installation CD, manuals, ink cartridges and the getting started guide for your printer. You can also use the Installation CD to install the software instead of going to 123.hp.com/setup 7640 to download the software drivers
• To switch on your printer, plug in one end of the power cord into the rear of the printer and the other end into the wall outlet.
• Press the power button to switch on the Printer. The printer starts initializing. Download the software driver from the link 123.hp.com/envy7640 .
• Next, select the language. Tap Yes to confirm the language selection.
• In a similar way select the country in which the printer is located in and Tap Yes to confirm the selection.
Next, you can install the ink cartridges for your printer.

123 HP Envy 7640 Installing Ink cartridges

• The ink cartridge access area lies below the scanning area. You can use the cutouts on the side of the printer to open the ink cartridge access area.
• Wait for the ink cartridges to reach the center.
• Open the cartridge lock lever and take out the cartridges that you kept aside earlier.
• Remove the pull tab from the copper coloured contacts. Don’t touch the copper coloured contacts or the ink nozzles as they might cause bad electrical connections.
• Insert the cartridges into the slot and close the cartridge lock lever lid.
• Close the ink access door. Then, the printer asks you to load fresh paper.
If you’ve already installed ink cartridges and loaded unused paper, you can download and install the software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 7640 .

123 HP Envy 7640 Wireless Setup Wizard

      • • Gather the Network Name (SSID) and Network password before you begin the Wireless Wizard Setup process. The Wireless Setup Wizard helps your printer get connected to your computer so that you can download the software drivers from

    123.hp.com/setup 7640


    • • Tap the Wireless icon on the control panel of the printer.


    • • Touch the Setup icon and select Wireless Setup Wizard from the setup menu


    • • The printer immediately searches for all the available wireless networks within the range of the printer and displays a list on the control panel.


      • • To connect to a network, simply click on the name of the network. Download the software driver from the link




    • • Next, enter the password using the on-screen keyboard.


    • • The printer then tries to connect to the network.




123 HP Envy 7640 Installing Software Drivers

Although the printer gets shipped with an Installation CD, it is better to download the software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 7640 as the CD might not contain the latest updates for the drivers if it was bought a few months after it was first released.
• To download the software drivers, go to 123.hp.com/setup 7640 .
• Click the download button and wait for the software to finish downloading.
• Once the download has been completed, double-click on the file in the Downloads folder or click on the file from the browser downloads bar.
• Once you’ve clicked on the file, the HP Easy Start Utility opens and begins extracting the required files for your HP Envy 7640.
• If you see an Auto-Wireless Connect option during the installation process, then select the option so that you’re guided through the installation process automatically.
• During the Installation process, the system asks you to choose between the basic software driver and the full feature software download. To use all the features that come with your printer, choose the full feature software download. If you’re content with just the basic functionalities offered by your printer then choose the basic feature software download.
• Also, choose the type of connection during the Installation process. Choosing a wireless connection will enable you to use a lot of web services that will make your printing easier.
• Once the setup process is complete, the printer automatically prints a Web Services Information sheet.
This completes the download and setup of the software from 123.hp.com/setup 7640 .

123 HP Envy 7640 Loading Unused Paper

• Open the Main Paper Tray. Slide the paper width guides away from each other.
• Align a stack of papers on a hard surface and insert the stack of sheets into the Paper Tray.
• Close the tray and wait until the Printer prints out an alignment sheet.
• Next, the printer asks you to scan the alignment paper.
• Open the scanner glass lid and place the alignment paper on the lower right-hand side of the scanner glass such that the printed-side of the paper faces the scanner glass.
• Close the scanner glass lid and let the printer scan the alignment paper.
• Once the scanning is complete, the printer can be connected to the internet.
Once you’ve connected your printer to the internet, you can download the software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 7640 .

123 HP Envy 7640 First-time Scanner Setup

• To perform the first time scanner setup, you should’ve downloaded the full feature software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 7640 .
• During the setup process, choose the software setup that corresponds to downloading the HP Scan software.
• To Scan using the printer, select the Scan menu
• Place the document print side down on the scanner glass and close the scanner glass lid.
• Once the scan has been completed, it opens.
• To make changes to the scan before saving it, you can use the Show Scan Preview option. Download the software driver from the link 123.hp.com/envy7640 .

123 HP Envy 7640 ePrint Setup

ePrint is an ingenious web service by HP that enables you to send print documents from anywhere around the world to your printer. Simply create an e-mail address for your printer by visiting HP Connected website. You can also use the settings on the homepage to change your printer settings such that it can print documents only from chosen e-mail addresses. The only drawbacks with the ePrint service is that you cannot send attachments greater than 10 MB to your printer e-mail address and sometimes, the printer might not print documents if it has no subject attached to it. The ePrint service option is a very lucrative service option in that it only requires the downloads of software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 7640 .

123 HP Envy 7640 Google Cloud Print

The Google Cloud Print is a service similar to the ePrint service which only requires a printer connected to the internet, chrome browser and your G mail id. Google’s servers automatically delete all the documents once the printing jobs are complete so there will be no issues related to security breach.


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