HP ePrint Jet Advantage

Use HP eprint Jet Advantage to print confidential and highly sensitive documents only to printers you allocate without any security issues. Avoid wasting from accidental print jobs.

If you visit the HP eprint Jet Advantage On Demand portal which allows user to print from their personal computers, laptops and other smart devices in a secure manner, you will have to cloud based pull print apps.

HP eprint Jet Advantage Secure print and HP eprint Jet Advantage Private print are the two apps that provide wide variety of services.

Hold your print jobs on the cloud and it also provides basic print job tracking. It also insights for more analytics which helps you to optimize your print environment.

Use HP eprint Jet Advantage Private Print to print without remembering which device you are trying to print.

Setup your account and activate the account by clicking the activation link that is sent to your email. You will be on a page where you can set your password and accept the HP eprint  Jet Advantage on Demand.

Remember the password carefully and it will be useful when you are printing.


Sign in to your account using your email address and password. If you are signing in for the first time, you will be redirected to setup wizard which will help you to download the right print driver for your system.

You should download the HP ePrint Jet Advantage print driver if you are prompted to do so in your Windows operating system.

If you are using Mac Operating system then you will be prompted to download the PDF Workflow utility.

You should agree to the end user license agreement when you are installing. If you are interested in changing the settings, you can do it using the Installation settings on the same page

The driver will instruct you to sign In to the account using your email address and password you used before. You will have to print a test page.

Logout form your account and when you sign In again you will be directed to the Dashboard. You can change your personal account settings and your private print queue. By default, your document will stay in the queue for three more days. If  you do not want the document to stay, you can change it.

Finish signing in and you’ll see the Private Print app button touch this button to bring up your Private Print queue. Select the files you wish to print as well as any print options and touch Print. Unless you chose the option to delete the job after printing, the print job will stay in your queue until it expires automatically.