HP ePrint Login

HP ePrint is a cloud based free services which allows you to print from anywhere using the internet connection. You have to send the email to the printer email address and the printer will print the document that is attached to the email. Both the message sent and the attachment with the email. Set the HP ePrint requirements and follow the below instructions.

  1. Check whether your printer supports HP ePrint and your computer is connected to either a wireless network connection or wired network connection.
  2. If you connect with a wired connection, the green link light in the Ethernet port should be steady and the orange should blink when the cable is connected.
  3. Otherwise check the wireless feature is switched on and the printer is connected to the same network as your computer.
  4. Switch on the web services in your printer control panel by clicking the HP ePrint and click Web Services SetupNetwork Setup, or Wireless Settings and turn on the web services.
  5. If your printer does not have a control panel, print a network configuration page or self-test page and note the IP address in the self-test page.
  6. In the internet browser add the IP address and you will get a website security certificate.
  7. Click continue and the EWS web page opens, click the Web Services tab
  8. Get the printer email address in the page Important Printer Setup Instructions or Make the Most of your Printer which contains information about the web services, printer email address and printer claim code.
  9. Send an email to the printer using the printer email address that you found on the information page.
  10. You have to include the printer email address in To: field only. Use CC: to add other email address you wish to enter.
  11. The subject should not be blank as this may lead the printer to cancel the print job.
  12. To login to HP ePrint, you should have a HP connected account. Visit the official HP website and sign in to your account .
  13. Click Settings in the HP connected Window and select My Account, Notifications or Printing
  14. Update your communications and notification preferences. Click Authorize Email Address and the Manage your Email Address window opens.
  15. Add you email address by clicking Add after entering your email address.
  16. Sign in to your email account and your HP ePrint using HP connected will open in a new tab.