HP OfficeJet 4630 Printer Software Installation Without CD

You can easily install the software with out the installation CD that is shipped along with the printer. You need to download the printer software from the HP printer website support.hp.com or 123.hp.com.

Type the URL in your web browser to visit the HP printer home page. Enter your printer model number in the search box and search by clicking the icon.

You will be directed to the product home page. In the left side of the web page, you will see the software and driver tab. Make sure the software and driver tab is selected. Click Go to download the software.  You will be directed to the download page.


You have different type of downloads like full feature software, basic driver and HP Easy start and many more. If you install the full feature driver, the features you will have are the guided solution with steps to connect to the printer to the local network, includes printer management software to modify print, scan and copy settings along with printer maintenance, troubleshooting and software update tools.

If you install the basic printer driver only limited set is provided such as print and scan function with Windows and Mac support. The support is provided for some third party scan apps. The main advantage.

HP Easy start is the driver installation app that simplifies the download and install process for Mac-supported printers. The features are posted on HP downloads page for most Mac operating system versions instead of a full feature print driver.

You can also download the plug and play driver as it automatically installs the printer driver and the USB port. It provides basic printer functionality. Some other driver type are Host based driver, PostScript driver and PCL6 USB driver.

The plug and play driver automatically installs the printer driver and the USB port. The Host based driver processes the print job on the Host computer, rather than in the printer information. The postscript driver provides features such as the Adobe’s Postscript software interfaces with your printer to produce sharp graphics and to handle multiple printing fonts. The PCL6 USB driver provides basic printer functionality for a range of HP printers without downloading separate drivers for every utilized printer.

Download any one of the above mentioned driver and software. The printer install wizard dialog box appears once you run the downloaded file. Click Yes in the User Account Control Window. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and the software installation will be completed.

The installation begins with the agreements and settings. The check box in the Installation and Agreement and Settings dialog box should be marked to move to the next step. you have to connect the USB cable with the printer and computer. You can also continue the installation without connecting the USB cable.

To connect the printer, start screen launch the HP printer software on your Windows computer. Click the Utilities menuà Printer setup & software.  Finish the setup by following the on-screen instructions.