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123 HP OfficeJet 4630 Features

123.hp.com/setup 4630 printer setup

The OfficeJet 4630 is light weight and heavy in functionality. Get crystal-clear prints and stunning borderless photos at a low-cost. What’s more, you can also subscribe to the Instant Ink program and get your printing costs slashed. The OfficeJet 4630 is compatible with both Windows 10 and the latest macOS Mojave 10.14. It also supports Web Services like the HP ePrint and AirPrint. Software drivers for this printer can be downloaded from 123.hp.com/setup 4630 or 123.hp.com/oj4630

  • Functions: Printing, scanning, faxing, copying
  • Print resolution: 1200x1200dpi (enhanced)
  • Scanner resolution: 1200dpi.
  • Fax resolution: 200dpi.
  • Printer Dimensions: 222x454x362mm.
  • Weight: 5.76kg.
  • Platforms: Windows and OS X
  • Paper Input Tray capacity: 60 sheets

123.hp.com/oj4630 | 123 HP OfficeJet 4630 Unboxing

Follow the steps below to unbox your printer.

  • First, remove the tapes on the cardboard box to remove the Installation CDs and power cord.
  • The Installation CDs can be used to install the software drivers. Otherwise, you can download the software drivers from hp.com/setup 4630
  • Next, remove the pamphlet, installation guides, power cord and phone cord.
  • Then, remove the cardboard on top and tilt the printer box.
  • Next, take off the printer caps on either side of the printer.
  • Then, slide the printer out of the transparent cover.
  • Now, peel away all the blue tapes on the surface of the printer.
  • Then, open the Paper Input Tray and remove the packaging materials.
  • Next, open the front panel behind the ink cartridge access area.
  • Then, remove the packaging materials in the ink cartridge access area.
  • Finally, you should open the scanner glass lid to remove the Styrofoam sheet.

This completes the unboxing of your OfficeJet Pro 4630 all-in-one printer.

123 HP OfficeJet 4630 Printer Initialization

You should switch on your printer and initialize it to install cartridges and install the software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 4630 or 123.hp.com/oj4630

Now, follow the steps below to switch on and initialize your printer.

  • The rear of the printer has printer ports, USB port and a slot for the power cord.
  • First, plug in the power cord into the port located behind.
  • Next, plug in the other end of the power cord into the wall outlet.
  • Then, switch on the printer by using the printer.
  • The power button now flickers and the printer comes to life.
  • Now, wait for the printer to fall silent.
  • Next, select the language and tap Yes to confirm.
  • Similarly, choose the region in which the printer is located.
  • Again, tap Yes to confirm and go to the next step.

123 HP OfficeJet 4630 Ink Cartridge Installation

  • First, open the external door and then the ink cartridge access door.
  • Then, unwrap the tri-colour cartridge and insert the cartridge into the appropriate slot.
  • In a similar way, unwrap the black cartridge and insert it into the remaining slot.
  • While inserting the cartridges, don’t touch the copper coloured contacts and ink nozzles.
  • Next, make sure that the cartridge snaps into place.

This is one of the pre-requisites of installing the software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 4630

123 HP OfficeJet 4630 Loading Unused Paper

  • First, align a stack of plain sheets on a hard surface.
  • Next, open the Paper Tray situated at the back of the printer.
  • Then, insert the stack of papers into the Paper Tray.
  • Next, adjust the Paper width guides such that they just touch the edges of the sheet.
  • Now, pull out the Paper Output Tray.
  • As soon as the printer has detected that you have loaded papers, wait for it to print out an alignment sheet.
  • Next, place the alignment sheet face down on the scanner glass and close the scanner glass lid.
  • As soon as the printer has finished scanning the sheet, it displays an Alignment Successful message on the screen.
  • Then, tap Finish to finish setting up the Web Services.

Next, you’ll learn how to connect your OfficeJet 4630 to the internet and download the software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 4630

123 HP OfficeJet 4630 Wireless Setup and Driver Installation

The Wireless Setup Wizard helps connect your printer to the internet and also download software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 4630 or 123.hp.com/oj4630. Make sure that you have disconnected any USB cables from the back of the printer.

  • First, select the Wireless Setup icon from the printer control panel.
  • Now, you’ll see the Wireless screen.
  • Next, tap the settings icon, scroll through the list and select the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Then, follow the instructions to finish the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Now, open a browser of your choice and go to 123.hp.com/setup 4630.
  • Once the download has been completed, click on the browser download bar to open the file.
  • Next, read all of HP’s terms and conditions and agree to them by clicking the appropriate conditions.
  • Then, the Instant Ink activation page appears. You can sign up by selecting the appropriate option.
  • Next, activate and register your printer by selecting the appropriate options.
  • Then, select where your printer will be located by selecting the appropriate country or region.
  • Now, HP will automatically check for software updates.
  • Then, it extracts and downloads the software.
  • Now, finish the rest of the installation by following the instructions on the screen.

123 HP OfficeJet 4630 ePrint service


Follow the steps below to setup the ePrint service.

  • First, touch the HP ePrint icon on the control panel.
  • Then, tap the Setup icon.
  • Next, touch Accept to accept the terms and conditions and enable the Web Services.
  • In the Printer Update screen, choose the option that lets your printer automatically install updates.
  • Once the printer is connected to the internet, it prints out an information page.
  • Next, follow the instructions on the page to finish the setup.
  • To print documents, open an e-mail application on your mobile device or system.
  • Then, enter your printer’s e-mail address in the To line and leave the Cc line empty.
  • Also, don’t forget to type a subject in the subject line.
  • Then, attach the documents to the e-mail and press the Send button.

The HP ePrint service can be used only if you have already downloaded the software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 4630

123 HP OfficeJet 4630 AirPrint

AirPrint helps you print from any of your apple or iOS devices. To use this service, you should’ve already downloaded the software drivers from 123.hp.com/setup 4630 or 123.hp.com/oj4630

  • First, make sure that your OfficeJet 4630 is active and connected to the internet.
  • Next, open the document that must be printed, on your device and tap the Share icon.
  • Then, select the Printer Option menu, tap your Printer and select it from the list.
  • Now, you can change the printer options like number of copies, colour, etc by tapping Options.

123 HP OfficeJet 4630 Paper Jam

  • If the Paper Jam is in the Input Tray, pull the paper out of the tray and make sure that there is no foreign object in the Input Tray.
  • If the Paper Jam is in the Output Tray, pull the paper out of the tray and clear the blocked path.
  • For Paper Jam in the ink cartridge access area, first switch off the printer.
  • Next, push the Paper Output tray back inside.
  • Then, open the ink cartridge access door.
  • Now, slide the printer carriage towards the right and remove the jammed paper.
  • Next, close the cartridge access door and front door.
  • Then, pull out the paper causing the jam.
  • Then, close the cartridge access door and front door.
  • Now, switch on the printer again.


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