HP PageWide Pro 577dw multifunction printers

123 HP PageWide Pro 577dw printers

HP PageWide Pro 577dw printers are inkjet-based PageWide printers with its recommended price of $699.99 which is quite expensive than other All-in-one printers aimed at small and medium sized business.

The profit from the PageWide technology could give good reason for that higher cost tag, if the collective print quality for text and graphics is significant for you.HP PageWide Pro 577dw printers rated for slightly faster speeds and offers the option for higher-capacity ink cartridges.

The setup process was clear-cut. In reality, it looks a lot like the setup for a laser printer more than it look like the setup for an inkjet printer. Black, cyan, magenta and yellow are the four cartridges like a color laser.

The replacement of ink cartridge is easy than other laser printer which has imaging drum to install or replace. The ink cartridges are gigantic rectangular blocks, like huge chocolate bars that place in straight into the framework. You have to wait for about half an hour to get things done once the four pigments based ink cartridges are installed.

As said earlier, the printer doesn’t have any drum to give stress while inserting the cartridges because single-pass full-page All-In-One uses a stationary inkjet printhead.Alter your Wi-Fi setup once you start to use the touch screen to manually input your Wi-Fi settings.

On the other hand, if your Wi-Fi router is WPS-compatible, you can push and grip the Wi-Fi indicator light on the printer’s control panel to routinelybuild up the printer for your Wi-Fi network.
You can hook up the Page Wide Pro 577dw to your computer via a USB 2.0 connection, though the USB connection won’t allow the printer to use any of the Web-based features. For that, you’ll want to connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The PageWide Pro 577dw also supports Wi-Fi Direct for printing straight from other devices. The Wi-Fi Direct drivers are built-in along with the usual printer drivers on the full installation software CD.


Get rid of the printer from the box. Dispose the packing materials from inside and outside the printer. Eradicate the stickers from the control panel. Confiscate the packing tape that is inside the input tray door. The packing materials should be recycled.

Do not use the USB cable. The computer should be connected during the software installation. One end of the power cord should be connected to the rear of the computer and the other end into an electrical outlet. Turn on the printer and set your preferences using the control panel. On the control panel, touch your preferred language and country/region. Press yes to confirm your choice. Select the date and time if prompted and press yes to confirm.

Open the input tray door and pull it to extend the paper tray. Load a stack of A4 size paper into the paper tray with the short edge forward and the print side down. Slide the paper width guide and push the input paper tray forward. Install the ink cartridges carefully and make sure you place it properly.

HP PageWide Pro 577dw printers

HP PageWide Pro 577dw printers Software selection

Follow the below instructions to setup the HP PCL 6 printer software which is designed specifically for use with HP PageWide Pro printer series. Download options are available in the HP website or installation can take place without any outsource.

Some of the benefits of using HP PCL 6 printer driver are listed below.

  • Suggested for common office printing in Windows environments and is intendedexplicitly for use with HP PageWide series printers.
  • Delivered as the default driver on the product CD. This driver is mechanically installed unless you select a different one.
  • Taken as a whole, delivers finest speed, print quality, and product-feature prop up for nearly all users.

123 HP PageWide Pro 577dw printers Software driver download

Download the HP PageWide Pro 577 software free download is available in 123.hp.com/pagewide. The compatible operating systems are given here.


Software can be installed from the CD in the box or visit 123.hp.com/PageWide to download and install the basic driver or a full driver-and-software solution.

HP PageWide Pro 577dw printer software download for Windows XP (SP3) 32-bit or Windows Vista 32-bit users: XP users can install the basic print-and-scan solution software from the CD, or download the driver from hp.com/go/support.


Windows Server users can download the basic driver for IT Professional Use Only and install from a command line. Visit http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03665747.pdf to know more information about the software installation and setup.

Other operating system

If you need software drivers for other operating systems other than Windows, visit the below.

Novell: Go to www.novell.com/iprint.

Linux: Go to hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/index.html.

SAP: Go to www.hp.com/go/sap/drivers.

If you visit the support.hp.com, enter your printer model number. You will be directed to the product home where the software and driver tab will be visible on the left hand side of the web page.

Click the software and drivers tab and click Go. You will be directed to the HP Page Wide Pro 577 free software download page. Many software drivers are available in the page. Overviews of the drivers available in the download page are given below.

The Driver-Product Installation Software consists of two types of drivers, one is the basic driver with minimum functionality and other is the full feature software driver with all the capabilities. You can choose the full feature software as it is mostly recommended by the expertise.

Under the Driver-Universal Fax Driver, you will have a couple of basic driver, one is the HP Universal Fax Driver for Windows and other is the HP Universal Fax Driver for Windows Release notes.

The firmware updates such as the HP PageWide Pro 577dw Multifunction Printer series Firmware Update and HP PageWide Pro Printers Firmware Update README are available in the page.

You can also download the Utility Diagnostic tools such as the HP Print and Scan doctor on the same page. HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows is a free tool offered by HP to identify and resolve the printer issues automatically.