HP Sprocket Photo Printers

HP Sprocket photo printers ate the new-sized photo printer which prints instantly from your smart devices. Print your smart phone pictures by using Sprocket Pho printers. It is similar to the cell phone in size weighing just 6 ounces. You can easily load the pack and print the photos from your smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth.


  1. Easily customize your favorite photos in smartphones with beautiful stickers, frames, text and many more using the HP Sprocket app. This Is a free app provided by HP on iOS and Android.
  2. Take it with you anywhere as it is just similar to a mobile device in its size. Use your Bluetooth connectivity and print smudge-proof photos from your friends too.
  3. The printer sheet comes with a peal and stick backs which turns your photos into fun stickers in the mean time.
  4. The HP Sprocket photo printers use the Zink technology which is also called as zero ink technology.

Setting up your HP Sprocket photo printers

If you are using the Sprocket photo printers for the first time, check out the below procedures and use the HP Sprocket printer for printing beautiful pictures from your smartphones and tablet

1. Unboxing the printer

Remove the printer from the package box. The packing materials like tapes, stickers and card boards should be removed from the printer. Recycle the packing materials

2. HP Sprocket app Installation

To use the HP Sprocket features, install the HP Sprocket app from the Google Play if you are using an Android device or at the App Store if you are using the Apple devices after visiting the HP Sprocket Homepage. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and finish the setup.

3. Mobile and printer pairing

  • Open the HP Sprocket app and select the photo on your mobile device that you wish tot print. The printer calibrates with HP ZINK Smartsheet at the first time for best print quality in your photos
  • Click the icons that is presen on the home screen of your mobile device. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to allow access you camera¬† and photos.
  • Choose the photo to print and the preview will be displayed. If you want to edit the photo apply filters, text or sticker by clicking edit icon
  • Click the Checkmark icon to savve the changes you made to the photo and click the Print icon to print your photo
  • The mobile device will display a message that it is sending to printer and the printer will calibrate the Smartsheet.
  • You photo prints after the calibration gets comleted. Remove the smartsheet after the printer become silent and idle

4. Sticky-backed photo paper loading

As the HP Sprocket photo printer uses the ZINK technology, load the HP ZINK Sticky-Backed photo paper in the input tray. Switch off your printer to remove the top cover by sliding it away from the output slot
Place 10 photo paper with the HP ZINK Smartsheet. The bar-code should face down when you place the Smartsheet in the stack bottom and the photo paper with print side facing up.
Align the top cover and slide up the top cover to close the top cover. Now switch on your printer

5. Printing the photo

You have to pair you mobile device and the Sprocket printer after installing the HP Sprocket. Switch on the printer and open the Bluetooth settings in your mobile. The nearby devices will be displayed in your mobile device. Check if the list shows the HP Sprocket(xx:xx) in the list.
If you see it, move on to the next step otherwise, click Search or Scan on your mobile device and continue to the next tap when you find the HP sprocket(xx:xx)

HP Sprocket Trouble shooting

1. Paper jam issues in HP Sprocket photo printers

Your printer may stop feeding the pages if it is jammed. Hold the power button to clear paper jam and restart your printer. The HP Sprocket app will display an error message.

  • Click OK to clear the error message displayed on the Sprocket app.
  • Turn off the printer to remove the top cover. Slide away the top cover from the output slot and set it aside.
  • If you found any loose photo paper in the input tray, remove it and set aside if you need it.
  • Remove the jammed paper from the tray gently. Place the remaining photo paper with pirnt side facing up.
  • Align the top cover with tracks on the outside of the printer and turn on the printer

2. Resetting your HP Sprocket printer

After sending a print job, your printer does not print. Reset the printer with a straight pin to clear any errors.

Switch on the printer and locate the reset the pin-hole near charging port.

Insert a straight pin in the hole to press the reset button inside. The printer will reset and turn off. Switch on your printer after reset

3. Multiple print jobs simultaneously

The printer can print only one print job at a time.  If you try to send a print when another print job is processing, the printer in use message will be displayed. So you have to wait until the current print job completes the next print job.