HP Support

If you have any issues or problems regarding your HP Printer, HP support provide solutions and suggestions for your printer problem. Register your printer, support process, HP support in phone and warranty options.  Follow the guidelines to register the printer and get HP support.

Printer Registration

Register your printer by visiting the site http://www.register.hp.com , if you did not register the printer when you installed the software. To register for the service, it just takes a few more steps and get recent updates on printer software, efficient product support.

Support Process

  1. If you can not register and facing problem follow the below steps adn check that the documentation with the printer.
  2. Visit the HP online support website by visiting hp.com/support.
  3. As all the HP printers are provided with HP online support, update your products and get expert advice and suggestions.
  4. HP gives some of the features which is useful for the HP printers and products. The features are given below
    • HP Support helps you in contacting specialist online for all your printer issues. The main feature is the fast access of HP support
    • HP support provides software and driver updates for you printer
    • HP support helps you in trouble shooting information for all your printing problems.
  5. You can call to HP number which helps you to contact the HP expert in assisting you to support which may vary by printer, country/region and language.
  6. Before placing a call,, make sure you have all the information like product name, product number, serial number and have clear view of your issue
  7. After the phone support period, help is available from HP at an additional cost. Help may also be available at the HP online support website: www.hp.com/support.
  8. Contact your HP dealer or call the support phone number for your country/region to learn more about support options.