Mobile Printing With HP

Mobile Printing With HP

Mobile printing in HP helps you to print documents and photos using your smart phones. Use HP Mobile printing to print and scan to HP printer. Print using your mobile by emailing files to your printer’s email address.

HP mobile printing provides two types of easy mobile printing. The first one is to print using your iOS and Android device. Print from your android and Apple devices by downloading the HP Print Service Plugin app that is available in the Google Play store. If you are using the iOS devices, you need not install any service apps to print

The other type of print is using email to print from any where. You just need to email the document which you wish to print in a particular format. Print by emailing the document to your ePrint enabled HP printers.


How to print using mobile device.

  1. As we know, it is easier to print a file using HP mobile printing technology from your smart devices to printers easily. Use the printing capabilities in your smartphone to print files.
  2. Check whether your printer is turned on, if not switch the printer on and move to the next step.
  3. Make sure that the mobile device and the printer are connected in the same network.The mobile device and the printer should be within the range of the router.
  4. Choose the document or photo you want to print using HP mobile printing and select one printer from your connected printer, if you have more than one printer
  5. Make sure you choose the proper document with correct alignments and other elements. Otherwise it may lead to improper alignment
  6. If you want to make changes in the print settings, modify them and confirm the print setting.
  7. After confirming the print settings and you can start to print using your mobile device or tablet.

Features of Mobile printing

  1. With mobile printing, you can easily connect to the mobile device to your printer and connect to same network which you connected the printer.
  2. You can also connect using the Wi-Fi direct connection, if you don’t have a wireless network
  3. Use your Apple or Android device to directly print your You willl have the same experience and quality of printing when you use a PC
  4. If you want to print a document immediately, just use this mobile printing to print even from a remote location.

Mobile Printing Solutions

  1. HP Smart app

Using the HP Smart app you can print, scan, take photos and documents with your smart devices either Android or Apple. You can mae use of the HP AiO printer Remote app on your smardevice to connect the printer in your wireless network

  1. HP ePrint

HP ePrint is cloud based service which allows you to print from any where with an internet connection. Send your documents to the printer using emaili and print directly.

  1. HP ePrint app

With the help of HP ePrint app, you can print documents, photos, web pages, emails and print from cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive from wherever you are with the help of internet connection

  1. HP print fromm chrome

If you are using  Chromebook, Chrome device,  Chrome browser  or any other chrome services on the same network in which HP printers are connected. Google cloud Print enabling is not required as the printing will get finisher using the local network

  1. HP Print Service plugin

Service plugin helps to  print photos, documents, emails, or webpages using your smart devices. Print to your HP printer in a wireless network with the help of HP Print service plugin

  1. HP wireless direct

To connect your printer and laptop or any other smart devices, you can use the wireless connection to print your documents.

  1. Amazon fire devices

Use the Mopria Print service which is a mobile printing standard supported by Amazon fire devices and some HP printers to print your documents.

  1. Apple AirPrint

If you are using Apple device, you can print from apps installed on your device. Using the print opton from the action icon,  print connected to same network.

  1. Google cloud print

Activate your Google based printing service by registering to it and through chrome browser to print from anywhere.