How to Print a Network Configuration Page or Self Test Page

Use your Deskjet or Deskjet Ink Advantage printer to print a network configuration or self test page by following the below instructions. Review the following to know more information on printing a test page, printer status report, print quality diagnostic report and wireless network report.

  1. Network configuration page

To print a network configuration page, setup your printer by gathering the requirements. Make sure that you have turned on your computer and printer. The printer should be connected to the same wireless network as the computer. Keep your devices closer to avoid network issues.

You  have to simultaneously press the Wireless button and the information in the control panel. The network configuration page will print initially and the wireless network test report print after it.

  1. Wireless network test report

The wireless test report consists of information which is important to your network settings. Some of the information in the wireless network report are printer status, MAC address and IP address.

You can utilize these information to configure your network. When your printer is connected to the network, the wireless network test report also display about the network settings.

To print a wireless network test report, click the Wireless button and the information button on the control panel simultaneously. The printer will print the wireless network test report and network configuration page print.

  1. Print quality diagnostic page

You can print a print quality diagnostic page to identify the issue source, if you have quality issues in your printer. Follow the below instructions to print a quality diagnostic page  based on your operating system


You need to gather the requirements to print the print quality diagnostic page. Some of the requirements are a computer system with MAC operating system and printer that is compatible with Mac operating system.

You have to search for the Finder in the dock.  If the HP installation software is installed on the driver like Macintosh HD drive and click on the drive.

Click HP after clicking Applications file by moving the cursor to the next window. Double click on the HP Utility icon to open the HP Utility window. There will be a Print quality diagnostic page option.  Click on the option to print the print Quality Diagnostic page


In your Windows computer, open or search for the HP folder. Click the HP printer folder and click your printer name. You will notice the HP printer assistant software opening in your screen.

Click Print & Scan and Maintain your printer in the Windows. Continue to the next step. You  will see the HP toolbox opening on your computer screen. Then move on to the next step.

To print the print quality on your Windows computer, click Devices Services and click Print Quality Diagnostic page.

  1. Printer status report

The printer status report consist of the general information about the printer such as the product information and connectivity settings.

To print the printer status report, you have to print and hold the cancel button for three seconds.

  1. Print a test page

Hardware functionality information is available in the test page. Print the test page to check whether printer hardware is working. You have to insert the stack of A4 sheets or any other plain sheets in the main input tray.

Click the power and cancel buttons simultaneously.                                           

You have to click the power and cancel button simultaneously. The test page will be printed and you can use these information for the proper working of hardware functionality.